Gamefi & Metaverse Incubator


  • Ventory is an incubator for Blockchain games and help the project to listing on world-renowned lanchpad.
  • Through the play-to-earn revolution, a completely new era is starting for the gaming industry. Whereas games were juest about having fun before, now gamers are starting to make money from time spent on games, through earning in -game item NFTs and tokens.
  • At Ventory, we provide community establish & maintance, maketing operation and a rang of customized services etc,. while assisting the project to listing on world-renowned launchpad.
TAP Fantasy
TAP FANTASY is the #1 multiplayer online role-playing game on Facebook Instant Games.
SOUNI is a 3D MMORPG game built on blockchain which let the crypto avatars battle together in Metaverse.
Build your own army of monsters and embark on a journey to liberate the holy land.
Everything you need to build your Metaverse presence, connect with your customers, and grow your business.
Coin98 Finance
Building The New Open Finance Infrastructure for the World.
Team Introduction
  • Ventory was founded by a group of experts with years of experience in the blockchain, finance and gaming industries. We are united by our passion for blockchain technology and its boundless potential to revolutionize DEFI+METAVERSE.
  • We have a common desire to apply the experience and expertise gained in this new business, and to become more entrepreneurial and executive in the industry after many successful ventures.
Team Advantages
  • Gamfi marketing and operation experience
  • Good relationship with world-renowed launchpad
  • DEFI product development and operation experience
  • Multinational team collaboration and global design capabilities
  • Overseas international operation and incubation ability
  • Specify and implement content strategies across multiple channels and languages
  • Assign and implement marketing promotion for several top brands in the global market
  • Resources sharing, interests sharing, vision sharing
  • Deeply involved in each project to provide the best technology incubation service
  • Clear business cooperation mechanism and accurate service positioning
Team Operation
#Technical Authority Management
#Visual Design
#Global Operation
A global team associated with Vietnam